A former corporate lobbyist and nightclub performer, Mark Mayfield is one of America’s finest humorists. Content based yet comedy driven, it’s pretty simple what he does…he talks about VERY SERIOUS stuff in a VERY FUNNY way. If you want to learn about change, or teamwork, or stress, or customer service for example; why not have a great time doing it?

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It’s seldom that you find a really funny, clean comedian and it’s  seldom that you find a really good, captivating speaker.  It’s nearly impossible to find one who is both.  Mark Mayfield is one of the rare individuals in the world who is equally accomplished at performing comedy shows or delivering high content keynote speeches.

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Introduction – Comedic and Standard

Our guest today has merged together his backgrounds as a corporate lobbyist and nightclub performer to create a very unique and hilarious presentation style. He will make you laugh while he makes you think and that’s why he’s one of the most sought after speakers in america.

Comedic Intro Standard Intro

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