Mark’s always said you can slip somebody twenty bucks and they’ll say nice things about you.  But none of the following people even got a dime.  They were just blown away by the wit and wisdom of Mark Mayfield at their meeting.  Why aren’t you booking one of America’s finest humorists for your next event?

"You did such a fantastic job at our events. Our people said you were by far the best speaker we have ever had!"
Wells Fargo
"You were insightful AND hilarious! Many of your comments could be heard in the hallways for days afterwards. AWESOME!"
H&R Block
"You rock! What humor and what training!"
US Army
"What can I say……they all loved you!"
Merck & Co.
"Rarely do we find someone who so thoroughly investigates our organization. You got immediate buy-in from the audience. You were simply amazing!"
"Your performance was once again superb. You had us eating out of your hand. You delivered the messages we asked and had our people in stitches."
American Express
"You made me look like a genius. Your Keynote Address in the morning and the Awards Banquet Comedy that night were the best ever. Your strong target message with related hysterical comedy is a rare, rare talent."
Crownline Boats
"Everyone raved about your hilarious thought-provoking program that you tied to the previous speaker. In all my years of hiring speakers, I have to say unequivocally, you are the best."
National Cattlemens' Beef Association
"We normally lose a lot of people during our closing session. Not this time. You held our people with rapt attention and the feedback was off the charts."
American Bankers Association
"It’s amazing that you are able to keep everyone laughing continuously and still deliver a very important message to them!"
Friends University

More Testimonials From Past Clients:


"Our employees were absolutely spellbound with your performance and talked about it for months! You are incredible!"
Verizon Wireless
"You challenged our executives and provided an exciting kickoff. It was REAL content with REAL comedy. We will call on you again soon!"
Ocean Spray Cranberries
"You were by far our highest rated speaker. We want you back for next year!"
American Urology Association
"Technical people laughing outrageously. I didn’t think it was possible. You were a HUGE hit."
Western Digital
"You were an incredible hit. Everyone loved you. I’ve never seen our officials laugh so much."
Virginia Association of Counties
"Mark Mayfield is hysterical! Everyone, absolutely everyone, was laughing with him."
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association
"You did an hour show and had our people in stitches. They demanded an encore and you came back and had them crying with laughter for another twenty minutes…Unbelievable!"
National Fire Academy
"You did a marvelous job! The participants rated your talk as the most enjoyable part of the conference."
Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW
"Usually, if we have 200 people attend an event, we get 200 varying opinions on that event’s worth and quality (or lack thereof). On your presentation, our members were unanimous: Mark Mayfield was excellent!"
Texas Association of Life Underwriters
"Your presentation was outstanding and very, very funny. You made our convention the best ever."
Far West Equipment Dealers Association
"You had our 350 people literally rolling in the aisles with laughter, but still gave them a great message to take home. Absolutely every evaluation was a rave."
Johnson County Community College
"Often the test of a good talk is how many people repeat portions of the talk in subsequent days – you had lots of mimics."
The Irrigation Association
"Your presentation was a rousing success with our normally reserved membership. Thanks for making me look so good."
National Association of Bar Executives
"What can I say…you and your presentation are terrific. I’ve never seen so many people wiping their eyes and holding their sides at the same time. You are the best decision we made for our convention."
Arizona Automobile Dealers Association
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve never had SO many people that were SO happy!"
Connecticut Credit Union Association
"If you get any funnier, we will have to take out special insurance for those who split their sides while listening to you!"
Kansas Farm Bureau
" Thank you for bringing needed laughter to our National Conference. You are a very gifted person whose humor comes naturally. The most significant contribution to our conference, however, was the important message you shared with our attendees. You gave us all inspiration to continue to deal with life."
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
"Our crowd is not an easy one to please, but they couldn’t say enough great things about you. What great humor and message!"
"Wow!!! You left everyone believing laughter was better than apple pie and ice cream. You autograph your work with excellence!!!"
Fleischer Manufacturing
"Mark’s humor was hilarious and his message was never lost in the comedy. I recommend him to anyone."
Emergency Nurses Association
"You were just the right thing to get the day started. I have received nothing but rave reviews. What a wake up call!"
Missouri Bankers Association
"Mark captured the audience from the very beginning. He not only touched the heart of my 10 year old daughter, but also my 80 year old mother-in-law. Excellent!"
Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies