WHY MARK? | Memorable

Because your meeting needs to be memorable.  Two days after the event, the people won’t remember whether they had green beans or peas.  But they’ll remember for years whether or not the speaker was great.  Countless times Mark has been told, “you were the best part of our event”.

WHY MARK? | A Funny Speaker

Because a funny speaker is often rated the highest on post conference evaluations.  And Mark is…”one funny speaker”!  People love to laugh AND learn at the same time.  That’s Mark’s trademark.

WHY MARK? | Retention

Because people remember funny stuff, so what better way to drive home a point?  Why can’t you remember where you put your keys, but you can recall that funny line to a movie?  Humor aids in retention.

WHY MARK? | Unique Background

Because he’s not just another funny speaker.  His unique background as a school teacher, corporate lobbyist, nightclub performer, and owner of several businesses has made him a funny speaker that delivers real-life, hands-on, practical wisdom.

WHY MARK? | His Message Sticks

Because you want your people to take home something.  One of the signs of a great speaker is when the audience repeats what they’ve heard.  After Mark speaks, he always has a lot of mimics.

WHY MARK? | Versatility

Because he’s one of the rare individuals in the world who is equally adept at delivering high content speeches or stand-up comedy.   He can mix the “meat” with the “mirth” in any combination you like.

WHY MARK? | He’s a Pro

Because he’s one of the most flexible and easy to work with presenters you’ll ever meet.  He’s seen every situation, he’s dealt with every problem on stage, he’s a Pro’s pro.  You’ll love him.